10 Best Similar Anime Series Like Lookism

If you’re a fan of Lookism and looking for similar anime series that offer a similar blend of drama, action, and character development, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll explore ten anime shows that share thematic elements with Lookism. Each of these anime series presents its own captivating storylines and diverse cast of characters, providing an engaging and entertaining viewing experience for fans of Lookism. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of anime and discover these ten must-watch shows.

10. Weak Hero

Experience the thrilling world of “Weak Hero,” an electrifying anime series that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Follow the gripping journey of our protagonist, a seemingly ordinary high school student who discovers his hidden strength and rises to become an unstoppable force. Filled with intense action, heart-pounding battles, and compelling character development, this anime captures the essence of the underdog’s triumph. With breathtaking animation and an immersive storyline, “Weak Hero” is a must-watch for anime enthusiasts seeking adrenaline-fueled excitement and an inspiring tale of resilience. Prepare to be captivated by the raw power and determination of our protagonist as he transforms from weak to indomitable.

9. Viral Hit

“Viral Hit” is a captivating anime series centered around Hobin Yoo, a seemingly ordinary high school student with a scrawny build. When he launches a NewTube channel focused on the art of combat, Hobin’s exceptional fighting prowess and knack for overpowering bigger adversaries catapult him into the limelight. However, as his popularity surges, Hobin finds himself embroiled in a treacherous world fraught with violence and peril. Balancing the responsibility of safeguarding himself and his loved ones, Hobin must unravel the enigmatic web of threats closing in on him. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey where survival and discovery go hand in hand.

8. Haikyuu

“Haikyuu!!” revolves around the exhilarating world of high school volleyball. The story follows Shoyo Hinata, a determined and passionate player who aspires to become a top volleyball player despite his short stature. With its intense matches, relatable characters, and themes of perseverance and teamwork, “Haikyuu!!” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

7. I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too

Delve into the captivating anime, “I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in The Real World, Too,” where the extraordinary journey of Yuuya Tenjou unfolds. Plagued by bullying in high school, Yuuya stumbles upon a mystical doorway to another realm. Empowered with a cheat skill, he harnesses unparalleled strength, utilizing it to vanquish menacing creatures and aid those in distress. Not stopping there, Yuuya also channels his powers to transform his own life, excelling as a student and athlete. This inspiring tale showcases the triumph over adversity, the pursuit of dreams, and the quest to find one’s rightful place in the world. Witness the power of using abilities for the greater good in this unforgettable anime.

6. Teenage Mercenary

In a war-torn world, Kazuki, a young teenager, becomes a mercenary seeking revenge after his peaceful life is shattered. As he takes on dangerous missions, he faces the harsh realities of war and questions his own morality. With a diverse cast of characters and intense action, “Teenage Mercenary” explores the consequences of one’s choices in a chaotic world, delving into themes of vengeance, justice, and the fragile nature of humanity in the midst of conflict.

5. Tokyo Ghoul 

In the dark underbelly of Tokyo, a society coexists with humans and flesh-eating creatures known as “Ghouls.” “Tokyo Ghoul” follows Kaneki, a university student who becomes a half-ghoul after a violent encounter. Struggling to adapt to his newfound existence, Kaneki is torn between his hunger for human flesh and his desire to retain his humanity. As he delves deeper into the secret world of Ghouls, he uncovers dark conspiracies and battles with his inner demons, all while trying to survive in a city where danger lurks at every corner.

4. Solo Leveling

“Solo Leveling” follows the journey of Sung Jin-Woo, an average hunter in a world where portals connect our reality to a dangerous realm filled with monsters. After a fateful incident, Jin-Woo awakens a unique power that allows him to level up and become the strongest hunter. With his newfound abilities, he embarks on a solo quest to clear dungeons, face powerful adversaries, and uncover the secrets of his past. Action-packed and filled with thrilling battles, “Solo Leveling” is an exhilarating story of one man’s rise from mediocrity to becoming an unstoppable force.

3. Random Chat

“Random Chat” is a captivating webtoon-turned-anime following Joonwoo Choi, a high schooler struggling with friendship. When he discovers the Random Chat app, Joonwoo connects with strangers and encounters the enigmatic Yoo Sungah, who transforms his life. This series weaves drama, romance, and mystery while exploring themes of identity, self-acceptance, and the profound impact of friendship. Perfect for webtoon enthusiasts, mystery anime fans, and those seeking a compelling coming-of-age story. Join Joonwoo as he embarks on a transformative adventure through the power of connection in “Random Chat.”

2. Parasyte: The Maxim

In “Parasyte: The Maxim,” an ordinary high school student named Shinichi Izumi’s life takes a drastic turn when mysterious alien creatures called Parasytes invade Earth. These parasites infiltrate human bodies, taking control of their hosts and feeding on other humans. However, when Shinichi manages to prevent a Parasyte from reaching his brain, he becomes an unwilling symbiotic partner with the creature named Migi. As they navigate their newfound existence, they encounter other Parasytes and must find a way to coexist while defending humanity from the impending threat.

1. My Hero Academia

In a world where superpowers, known as “Quirks,” are the norm, “My Hero Academia” tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young boy without any powers who dreams of becoming a hero. When he encounters his idol, the legendary hero All Might, Izuku’s life takes an unexpected turn. This anime series offers a thrilling journey of self-discovery, friendship, and the pursuit of justice.


If you’re a fan of Lookism and its thought-provoking themes, these ten anime series will provide you with hours of captivating storytelling and engaging characters. Whether you’re drawn to intense action, complex narratives, or relatable coming-of-age stories, each of these anime shows offers a unique blend of entertainment and depth. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to embark on thrilling adventures with these anime series.

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